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Health and Fitness With Pilates

Gaining health and fitness with Pilates is an attainable goal and an important piece of the health and fitness puzzle. While the process of achieving a fit and healthy body will ask you to work hard and be patient, you should know that it is not as hard as you think. Through careful planning, you can reap the benefits Pilates has to offer.

Once you decide to work towards health and fitness with Pilates, an important thing to recognize is the need to take it slowly. Do not rush into the process of beginning a new health and fitness routine because your body needs time to adjust. Building strength, both mental and physical, takes time. Rushing into a new regime without gathering the proper information might leave you disappointed and confused.

The very first thing to know when beginning a Pilates fitness routine is that there are different types of Pilates. There are mat exercises and those that need Pilates exercise equipment. Among the two, the mat workout is very common to start with because it requires no equipment except a mat or soft surface and it also builds our strength gradually. Mat exercises include the need to lay down on your side, back, and stomach or do kneeling and sitting positions when executing the exercises. The main principle here is the use of your own weight for resistance. The flip side is to add small Pilates equipment such as band, ball, and ring in order to perk up weight resistance and to make the whole routine more challenging.

The Reformer is the most essential of the larger Pilates equipment. There you will perform many of the same exercises as you do on the mat with the enhanced addition of weighted resistance. Since this equipment can be expensive, you can explore the option of private sessions with a certified professional or join a gym that offers reformer classes.

By the time you start with Pilates routines, health and fitness with Pilates is surely something you can master after some time. Just continue with the process because you will reap the benefits of health and fitness with Pilates. Indeed, after all the hard work, you will see and feel good results. So keep on persevering until you reach your goals. Remember: patience and tenacity are the key elements of any new workout routine.

Vitamin to Better Health

Everyone nowadays it seems is a lot more health conscious. We all want to look and feel our best and will do whatever it takes to accomplish our goal. There are supplements that will benefit all age groups and are not just for adults. There are both dietary and vitamin supplements that are the way to better health.

“Health and Fitness”

There are various types of vitamins out there but a good daily multivitamin really will enhance your entire body both mentally and physically although for your specific needs there might need to be certain requirements that need to be met. Diseases like Alzheimer’s and some heart patients might need certain vitamins like Vitamin C and E.

Multivitamins are great in that they are suited for all ages and even have specific ingredients for the age they are most suited for. The moist always include all of the nutrients a person needs on a daily basis.

There are both liquid and pill forms of multivitamins and so we all have a choice as to which we like the best. We all want to do things the easy way and our bodies are no different. The liquid form of multivitamin is easier for the body to digest and so they are considered better because they will contribute more to the overall health of the person taking them.

The body needs these vitamins to do what it needs to do and do it well. They are vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, B12, and the 7 B-complex vitamins. The food we eat is the most important thing for our body because this is where it gets it’s vitamins from.

The question I guess now is, why take multivitamins if we are getting all we need from the foods we eat? Well we may not get all we need from the foods we eat because we are all not eating the right foods all the time. We may even become ill because of a lack of a certain vitamin and so this is where multivitamins come in and save the day.

The biggest reason to take a multivitamin supplement is to prevent a vitamin deficiency in our body. There might be circumstances like being pregnant that will require more of certain vitamins in order to protect the health of not only the mother but the unborn child as well. This will also prevent malnutrition for the baby.

There are others at risk as well like people who are older or people who are addicted to alcohol or tobacco. The exposure to these and other harmful pollutions can be neutralized with the taking of multivitamins.

We are all so busy these days. We often find it hard to eat properly, get the correct amount of exercise and keep up the strength we need just to function properly on a daily basis. We often will encounter stress as a result and so a multivitamin can help to relieve some of that stress.

Other benefits are that multivitamins can help reduce cancer and cardiovascular diseases in our bodies. There seems to be cases of younger and younger people who are getting these diseases all the time and the fact that we are so busy all of the time and don’t eat properly we are stressed out and unhealthy as a result.

There is a case for a person to take it upon themselves to live a better lifestyle. We all need to eat healthier and combine that with exercise and fitness that will boost the immune system, provide energy, flexibility, and strength that will give us the confidence we need to move forward and better ourselves for a long life ahead.

Taking a multivitamin can make us feel better about ourselves both mentally and physically. We feel more confident in ourselves when we are taking a multivitamin. There are certain ingredients in a multivitamin that will fight against the harmful agencies that the body will at times give. Multivitamins will also help us look better with healthier looking skin, better blood circulation for our organs and muscles to all function better.

There are certain vitamins in a multivitamin that will help in many of the body’s regular functions as well as fighting infections, bone structure and provide quicker healing of wounds.

Taking multivitamins all by themselves will not always prevent illness in a person. We must do out part by eating a proper healthy diet, get enough sleep and exercise on a regular schedule so the body will be able to recover and even fight against diseases threatening it all the time.

Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is usually recognized as a largely spiritual practice, particularly in Eastern philosophies and religions. In the past few decades, as Western culture has been exposed more and more to meditation through the martial arts and some popular Eastern philosophies, it has also been found to have many health benefits. Westerners are also discovering that meditation is not as mysterious or difficult to do as many of us may have thought. And given the long list of benefits that a little meditation can produce, it may be worth it for you to look in to this ancient practice.

Some health benefits of meditation may include:

  • Lowering oxygen consumption.
  • Decreasing respiratory rate.
  • Increasing blood flow and slowing the heart rate.
  • Increasing exercise tolerance in heart patients.
  • Leads to a deeper level of relaxation.
  • Good for people with high blood pressure because it helps bring the B.P. down.
  • Reducing anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate.
  • Decreasing muscle tension ( and any pain due to tension) and headaches.
  • Building self-confidence.
  • Helping in chronic diseases like allergies , arthritis, etc.
  • Reducing pre- menstrual Syndrome.
  • Enhancing the immune system.

How to Meditate:

You don’t have to sit in some pretzel like position in a secluded monastary to do good meditation. Meditation involves sitting in a relaxed position and clearing your mind. You can do this on the floor or on a bench, or in a chair. Just don’t use a chair that is too comfortable or you may fall asleep. You may focus on a repetitive sound, or by counting your own breaths, or by concentrating on nothing at all. It’s necessary to have 5-20 distraction-free minutes to spend. It is helpful to have silence and privacy.

If you haven’t tried meditation before you might find it useful. Give it a try and see what you think. Or, in the case of meditation, it’s actually what you don’t think that counts.

Fitness and Nutrition Practices

There are many misconceptions about proper care of your fitness and nutrition. Most of which should be taken note of because wrong practices may worsen our health conditions instead of improving it as we intended to do.

Sometimes, people jump from one diet plan to another without knowing the risks. Whenever they hear about the latest fad weight loss diet, they immediately get into it. Though there are many ways to get your desired fitness and nutrition level, there are some common practices which you have to avoid. Here are some of them:

Eating power bars in replace of meals
This is a common mistake that people thought could improve their fitness and nutrition. Yes eating power bars will improve your metabolism but it requires you to eat a full balanced meal for it to work effectively. Power bars generates more energy that’s very handy when exercising or doing a vigorous activity. It is supposed to be consumed as an added regimen to our food and not as a replacement.

Completely avoiding carbohydrates
This is another common misconception in maintaining our fitness and nutrition. It is true that carbohydrates make you fat but only if you have taken more than the recommended daily intake. But generally carbohydrates are helpful in promoting our fitness and nutrition in our body because it is the main source of our energy. Others may replace it with other kinds of food like protein based diets but in the end, they still need to take in carbohydrates to sustain a well balanced fitness and nutrition.

Taking muscle building supplements
For those who want to build up their muscles fast, taking in muscle building supplements is not the best way to promote your fitness and nutrition health. It may be true that these supplements can help build your muscles effectively but one must remember that these are just supplements. It will only work properly if the body has proper nutritional intake. If you want to increase the protein in your body, which is very helpful in enhancing your muscles, then there are many alternatives and more natural ways like eating fish and lean meat.

Reducing your intake of fluids
Some believe that reducing the intake of water can make you lose weight faster. This is entirely wrong. To promote fitness and nutrition properly, you must be able to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Experts say that even 1 percent of lack of fluids can affect our body negatively. Especially when exercising, it’s best to take in more than the usual 8 glasses to replace fluids you have lost.

Health & Fitness from Rope

I’m a little bubble car, number 38, whizzing round the corner, JUST – IN – TIME – TO – SLAM – ON – THE – BRAKE! Sorry about that, I was just reminiscing about skipping game we used to play as kids. It’s all computer games and joy sticks these days, but just a generation ago, you couldn’t keep the kids indoors if you tried. We were always running around, or running away, burning off the calories in aerobic games and mischief.

Why is it that many men look at rope skipping as effeminate, or a fluffy form of exercise as my father always used to put it? I mean, the great boxers of the world use skipping as part of their rigorous exercise regime, and I don’t think anyone would dare to call them effeminate. I guess the problem is because we don’t see men skipping in public places, only girls, and kids at that.

Well, there are many health benefits to be had from skipping. In fact, rope skipping is a brilliant cardiovascular exercise and that’s according to the U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Council. You’re probably wondering what can be so great about skipping right? Ok, let’s outline the benefits of this underrated form of exercise.

I’ll start by comparing it with other, more common exercises. Take running or jogging for example. Each foot absorbs up to 5 times the body weight from the force of the impact as the foot hits the ground. Over time, this impact can cause reversible and irreversible damage to the feet, ankles, knees, and hips. We’re kind of used to seeing athletes suffering such injuries. The only difference between them and those of us that jog for fitness, is that their extreme fitness regimes speed up the process due to over exertion.

Now with rope skipping, the shock of hitting the ground is absorbed by both feet. This is much better for the exerciser as it allows the calf muscles to control and absorb the impact, so you can see that it puts much less strain on the bones and muscles that jogging or running.

Aerobic exercise, that it any kind of exercise that increases the need for oxygen, has skipping included among its recommend activities. To get any benefit out of skipping, or any other form or aerobic exercise, it must be performed between 3-5 times a week for about 20 minutes per session. You don’t need to do all twenty minutes at once though, as 4 sets of 5 minutes or whatever you’re comfortable with will suffice. Mind you, you must exert yourself as you need to get that heart racing and show a bit of sweat to show for you efforts.

Additionally, aerobic exercise is great for improving heart and lung health, not to mention shedding a few pounds in the process. I’ve outlined below a well known formula for working out your training range:

220 – (your age) = Max HR (in beats per minute)

Max HR x (.55 to .85) = 55{ec459e1e91600d118d6f9bf170529a0dd9db89261fb6e7482c9d7b452704f407} to 85{ec459e1e91600d118d6f9bf170529a0dd9db89261fb6e7482c9d7b452704f407} of Max HR

For example:

220 – 35 (years old) = 185 (beats per minute)

185 x .55 = 101.75 (beats per minute)

185 x .85 = 157.25 (beats per minute)

Now round off these numbers.

So, 102 to 157 beats per minute is the training range of the 35 year old in this example.

Here are a few more useful tips on the benefits of rope skipping:
By jumping through a rope at about 130 revolutions per minute is about the equivalent of running at 6 miles per hour or cycling 12 miles per hour. Just 10 minutes of rope skipping is equal to a one-mile run.

How to choose the right skipping rope?

Hold the rope and stand with your feet on the middle of it. If the length of the rope is correct, then the handles should just about reach your armpits. Also, make sure the handles are thick and feel comfortable when you grip them.

When skipping, you should look for a cushioned surface to skip on. A good sized carpet remnant is perfect. Try to avoid hard surfaces like concrete whenever possible, as hard surfaces can increase the impact on joints.

Make sure you have well-cushioned athletic shoes just as you would for walking or running.

As with all new exercise make sure you start slowly and gradually increase session time over the course of a few weeks. It’s important to allow your leg muscles get accustomed to the exercise.